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Certificates, awards and prizes of Good Behaviour in Class

Bad behaviour in class difficult learning. The good behaviour help to learn.
Keep in mind that pupils tend to respond best in a warm, safe, friendly, respectful environment. By praising and rewarding positive behaviours in an effective way we can build a better classroom atmosphere and help build self esteem.
Young student need positive reinforcement to build confidence in their language learning. The main motive for using effective positive reinforcement in class is to encourage pupils to repeat ‘good acts’ that are useful for them, and for the class.
One way we can provide positive reinforcement in class can be done verbally.Instead of highlighting errors pupils make or improper behaviour we can try to focus on things that are done well, and praise them.
Other way we can also provide pupils with ‘prizes’ or ‘awards’ based on their academic achievements.
Here are some links to photocopiable rewards:
Excellent ideas and printables:
Printables, labels and reward ideas:
Mini certificates and other rewards:

FUENTE: http://www.oxfordmagazine.es/

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Tim dijo...

Thanks for the certificate. Joel was really proud to get it.

María José dijo...

Thank you for your comment.

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